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Real Soulutions Podcast

Mar 9, 2022

As most of you know I am planning on a home birth. Today I am sharing my birth plan. I have written down my plan and you can take down notes too if you are giving birth soon or have a friend or loved one who is also giving birth.

My blog post with linking all things mentioned in this episode:


In this episode of Real SOULutions:

01:45 - Products (essential oils, supplements, foods) to use leading up to labor

05:30 - Movements and exercises during pregnancy

07:55 - How THIS can help leading up to birth

08:10 - Educational Classes

09:00 - List of items and supplies that you need to have on-hand by 36 weeks in pregnancy, during labor, home birth, and postpartum

13:20 - Keeping hydrated, what to use or apply, and playing music during labor

16:00 - What I’m planning to do during early labor

19:10 - Tips when being at active labor

20:55 - Pushing phase, contractions, and crowning to-do’s and not to-do’s

24:40 - Remember that your baby needs to come out and not be held in

25:55 - The “golden hour” and placenta delivery

28:40 - Husband’s role during labor and delivery

29:40 - My plans for postpartum

31:45 - Things that I’ll have on-hand for postpartum

My blog post with linking all things mentioned in this episode:

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