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Real Soulutions Podcast

Feb 26, 2020

Today's episode is all about eating disorders because it is Eating Disorders Week. This is dear to my heart because I had an eating disorder in the past. It took me years to get to a healthy place not just physically but also mentally and emotionally.


We will talk about the 9 things you could be doing if you or somebody you know is struggling with an eating disorder.


In this episode of Real SOULutions:

03:45 - Recognize that you have a problem

05:45 - Admit that you have a problem to someone else

06:20 - Find a specialist

07:00 - Address your current health problems

08:00 - Spend quiet time journaling

09:00 - Emotional Do's and Don'ts

10:30 - What are you doing or not doing that you can change so you can strengthen yourself?

10:50 - Your long term treatment plan

11:00 - You can't do this on your own

12:50 - Work on improving yourself and your body image

15:40 - Learn and establish healthy eating habits

18:30 - Focus on healthy eating, not dieting

19:40 - How do you stay in a healthy place?

21:30 - Fill your life with positive activities