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Real Soulutions Podcast

Aug 14, 2019

Today we talk about how I personally deal with stress and anxious feelings. After taking a poll on my Instagram, a lot of people said that the biggest barrier to their goals is stress or anxiety.

Here are the practical ways that I have been dealing with personal stress and anxiety. I do struggle with stress and feelings of anxiousness all the time because I want to be in control. 

In this episode of Real SOULutions podcast:

02:00 - Find the root cause of stress

04:30 - Have a morning routine

06:00 - The Power of essential oils

09:00 - Deep breathing

12:30 - Walk it out, or work it out

13:30 - Write it out

15:30 - Remind yourself of the big picture


What are you going to do next week to manage your anxiety level?

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