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Real Soulutions Podcast

Apr 6, 2019

Real SOULutions Podcast

In this episode of Real SOULutions, I am so excited to bring on my friend Kristin who is one of two behind the viral Instagram and Facebook videos. From their lip-synching, to their relationship content, Kristin and Danny create content on family, faith, and just funny stuff.

They are always making me laugh. The first time I met them, I just knew that Brandon and I would really get along with them.

They are married with two kids, they create content, they travel the country – talking about marriage, relationships, and all other things. They are here to live loudly, love radically, and just laugh uncontrollably.

They first started with a viral lip-synch video over on their Facebook page, Kristin and Danny, and now they have opened up and broadened their horizons to where they have an online community of a million people.


In this episode of Real SOULutions:

02:00 – Where and how did Kristin and Sarah meet?

03:00 – What is Kristin and Danny’s story?

06:50 – What are the common misconceptions around marriage that Kristin and Danny usually encounter?

12:00 – Kristin and Danny’s “Aha” moment that what they’re doing now is what they wanted to do

18:00 – Kristin talks about their “Daily Bread”

22:00 – How Kristin’s wedding disaster turned into a blessing in disguise

27:00 – What are the biggest takeaways you can get in Kristin and Danny’s marriage conferences? How are they different from other marriage conferences?

40:00 – Kristin’s advice for the single people out there. How do you prepare yourself for marriage?

44:00 – This is the question that you should ask yourself everyday


How do you connect with Danny and Kristin?