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Real Soulutions Podcast

Dec 9, 2020

Today, we are going to talk about a very controversial topic on Restrictions. 

If you feel like being healthy and wanting to honor your body with health and fitness, but also don’t want to be mentally unhealthy with all these crazy rules; Should I restrict? Should I set boundaries? Should I follow this whole food freedom, anti-dieting, anti-weight world? Or should I just throw it all out the door? 

This is a very important topic, especially that we’re entering the season of holidays. 


In this episode of RealSOULutions:

01:58 – Should you restrict eating during holidays?

03:30 – Coming into the messy middle ground.

05:11 – The meaning of freedom

05:52 – The thing about anti-diet

07:27 – The bad and good restrictions

08:01 – Restrictions tend to have this bad connotation

09:30 – We restrict every single day

11:30 – How do you differentiate a good restriction versus an unhealthy restriction?

14:37 – Setting boundaries

16:40 – Two kinds of extremes

19:14 – Restrict out of self-love

20:58 – Intuitive eating

21:54 – Nutrition Privilege

24:24 – It is good for us to have health goals

24:39 – It’s okay to have restrictions

25:05 – What are some healthy restrictions or boundaries out of love that we can set for ourselves?

27:21 – Setting restrictions on how much food you allow yourself to have is a good thing