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Real Soulutions Podcast

Apr 17, 2019

Real SOULutions Podcast

Redefine what sexy is today with Sierra Nielsen

In this episode of Real SOULutions, I am so excited to bring on my good friend Sierra Nielsen.

She’s a certified personal trainer, teacher of self-love, creator of the Your Soul Sexy 8-week Program and her mission is to redefine what is sexy today and to inspire you to have the healthy, happy, and sexy life you deserve.

In this episode of Real SOULutions:

02:40 – Who is Sierra Nielsen and learn more about her transition from being an entertainment executive to being a self-love warrior

04:55 – How to live and create a life that you want and deserve

10:30 – Common misconceptions and how to keep up with change

10:22 – How to deal with the comparison game

19:12 – Sierra talks about how to be still and what are the things she does to incorporate in her daily activities

22:40 – How journaling, having a mentor and other outlets to share your thoughts and feelings can help

34:00 – Sierra’s biggest realization after going through heartaches and pains

40:40 – How prioritizing your own self-care is good for your soul and health

46:42 – Life lesson and advice from Sierra Nielsen


How do you connect with Sierra Nielsen?