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Real Soulutions Podcast

Mar 31, 2021

A lot of you probably don’t know my full story. So today we are going to talk about my story; from my past experiences, failures, eating disorder, finding my purpose in life, hormone imbalances, and so much more. I hope my story will be helpful for you!


In This Episode of Real SOULutions:

03:38 – My childhood story

04:17 – My family background

06:30 – Having control in life

07:11 – My eating disorder story

12:07 – Find someone you trust

14:07 – My best childhood friend

15:29 – Life of a party girl

16:12 – Meeting Emily

19:17 – My life’s turning point

20:16 – Beginning of my relationship with Christ

21:35 – Senior year life

25:18 – College life

29:03 – Joining Instagram and pursuing my passion

31:06 – My internship journey

38:26 – Direction to entrepreneurship and becoming a professional dietitian

40:53 – Don’t listen to the voices around you

41:29 – Deciding whether to accept job offers or to go my own way