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Real Soulutions Podcast

Nov 27, 2019

Today we have a very special, highly requested guest! My husband Brandon. And we're talking about how we live a healthy lifestyle while being super busy with both being business owners, and exactly what are day to day eating and living looks like.

Blog recap: ‎

In this episode of Real SOULutions:

02:00 - Helpful tips for people who have a regular 9 to 5 jobs

07:30 - How do you make sure you still get the right nutrition when you eat out?

10:00 - Good snacks that you can eat when you are busy

12:00 - What kind of dinner did Brandon have before and after getting married to Sarah?

16:00 - Meal tips for busy people (which is all of us)

20:00 - Quick snack suggestions

23:00 - Why are our Instagram handles "Meck?"

26:00 - How do you still eat healthy when you travel?

35:00 - Last words of wisdom from Brandon

Share with us your healthy protein/fat/carb creations and tag us on instagram, @sarahgracemeck & @brandonmeck!