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Real Soulutions Podcast

Dec 23, 2020

Today, we are going to go through our cycle as a woman, and the four phases of the cycle! 

We are going to learn how we can be empowered on the four phases of our cycle, how to take control and practice “cycle syncing.” 

This is a four-part episode, and today, we are going to do part one which is the menstrual phase.

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In this episode of RealSOULutions:

03:41 – What is Cycle Syncing?

05:00 – Track your cycle

05:46 – Phases are dependent on the fluctuations

07:24 – The four different phases

07:41 – What is the Menstrual Phase?

08:45 – Don’t feel guilty to look inward

10:08 – Different kinds of libido

11:48 – Movement in a menstrual cycle

13:53 – You can also do seed cycling

14:42 – Don’t beat yourself up if you want more self-time

16:10 – Some snacks that you can eat

17:38 – Get a good night’s rest

18:16 – Skin care must do’s 

19:13 – You may also use essential oils

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