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Real Soulutions Podcast

Nov 18, 2020

Today we talk about birth control and getting off of it. I’ll share some of the steps to take for it; what to expect; the kinds of timeline; and all the different things about it. 

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In this episode of Real SOULutions:

02:04 – Being informed on Birth Control

10:06 – Founding Hormone Healing Program

11:42 – Hormonal birth control cannot fix any issue

12:32 – It doesn't balance your hormones

14:00 – You can only get pregnant about six days of the month

17:31 – Getting pregnant after choosing to do non hormonal methods

19:37 – No matter how long you’ve been on birth control, what you do today for your hormones will take three months or more to be seen.

22:00 – Birth control creates deficiencies

28:43 – Create a plan of action for your diet supplements and lifestyle

30:50 – Nutrient intake and Repletion

32:48 – Gut and Liver support

34:47 – Keeping inflammation and stress down and getting adequate sleep

36:15 – The time to take the Dutch test


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