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Real Soulutions Podcast

Mar 23, 2022

Miscarriages are traumatic. And there are no words that can make it feel any less painful. Today we have a very special, more intimate episode with my good friend Dr. Jen Fraboni, as she shares her very real and raw miscarriage journey that is still very fresh and new to her. I'm so grateful for her openness to share, as I know her journey is going to help so many of you, whether it's because you are going through this pain yourself, or are close with someone that is.

In this episode of Real SOULutions:

05:30 - How did Jen become pregnant and how did the miscarriage happen?

09:30 - When and how did Jen ready herself to tell people about her pregnancy?

11:00 - Bleeding and how Jen handled it

14:00 - Having the miscarriage - Advocating for yourself and asking questions

21:00 - The trauma of losing your child

26:00 - Healing from the miscarriage

31:00 - What are some things that have helped Jen to heal from her experience?

35:00 - Resources that Jen recommends to people who have gone through a miscarriage and setting up boundaries

38:00 - Learning to create boundaries around people who were not helpful

43:00 - Best gifts to give someone going through a miscarriage


You can find Jen Fraboni on: