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Real Soulutions Podcast

Jul 3, 2019

Often we think it’s a choice between having a fun vacation and enjoying yourself, or sticking to your healthy lifestyle.

Let me share 7 secrets with you as a registered dietitian who travels a ton and simply agal who wants to feel ALIVE not deprived.

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Here’s my 7 practical, healthy travel secrets to help you continue to feel your best, yet enjoy your time away too. Because if you know me or follow me on Instagram, you know I’m ALL about making this a realistic lifestyle through sustainable, practical nutrition.

Don’t let your health and fitness become your life or chain you down, let your healthy lifestyle ENABLE you to live the life you want to.

7 Practical Healthy Travel Secrets

  1. Above all: Moderation, Portion Control and Avoiding Overeating 
  2. Focus on within-day movement through active daytime activities
  3. Stay Sickness Free!
  4. Pack Snacks
  5. Stay on routine (and regular) by bringing normal supplements
  6. Pick a couple days if a long trip to do a structured workout still (look ahead at hotel gyms or just plan to do a body-weight HIIT one!
  7. Eating Out Best Practices

Overall -- Don’t overthink it and make sure to still have fun!

Try to put eating on the backburner and make the trip about the people and the activities. Use food to fuel your days, and every once in awhile for your tummy’s dessert spot happiness.

Food is our fuel, so don’t think you should deprive yourself! But keep it in that place, and focus your time on activities that involve movement, not tons of food places.

Remember… Staying mentally healthy is EQUALLY as important if not more than staying physically active and eating nutritiously. And if you’re in the deprivation, restrictive mindset of “I CAN’T have ______”, that’s not allowing your healthy life to enable and empower you, it’s chaining you down.

STAY FREE. Let’s thrive in life by making this a lifestyle! Learn more about how to make it a lifestyle right here.

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